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Spanish Books Now Available

The CLEF has provided funding for the Martin Luther books from the Lutheran Press Popular Series to be translated and published into Spanish. We are excited to announce that three of them are now available for purchase through Lutheran Press. The other books will be available in the not too distant future. The Spanish books currently available are translations of “How to Live a Christian Life”, “Don’t Tell Me That”, and “A Christian Holy People”. You can purchase your books at

2017 Congress Registration

Please print, fill out, and mail this form along with your payment to:

The ACL, PO Box 43895, Minneapolis MN 55443-0895

Make checks payable to: The ACL.

Please print clearly.

___Rev. ___Dr. ___Mr. ___Mrs. ___Miss ___Other_______

Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip Code: _________________________________________________________

Phone: (__________) _________________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________
Discount for early registration: Send in your registration postmarked no later than April 4th
and you may deduct $5.00 per person from the posted conference registration fee.

No registration fee for full-time Lutheran college/seminary students.

Thursday Eve Banquet: $30.00
ACL Member (current; annual membership dues paid)

___I will attend only the Conference: $70.00
___I will attend the Conference and Banquet: $100.00
___My spouse and I will attend only the Conference: $120.00
___My spouse and I will attend the Conference and Banquet: $180.00

NON-ACL Member

___I will attend only the Conference: $80.00
___I will attend the Conference and Banquet: $110.00
___My spouse and I will attend only the Conference: $140.00
___My spouse and I will attend the Conference and Banquet: $200.00

I am a full-time student at a Lutheran college/seminary.

___I will attend the Conference: no registration fee.
___My spouse and I will attend the Conference.
___I will attend the Banquet: $30.00.
___My spouse and I will attend the Banquet: $60.00.Type your paragraph here.



2017 Congress on the Lutheran Confessions

The Association of Confessional Lutherans (ACL) will be holding the 28th Annual Congress on the Lutheran Confessions from April 26-28, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Aire in Bloomington, MN. This is a new location as the Ramada no longer exists. Last year the Congress focused on the events and circumstances which lead up to the Reformation.  This year most conferences and such will talk about the daily, weekly, monthly things that happened 500 years ago.  They are much like just watching the movie, “Luther”.  Taking a unique approach to the 500th anniversary the Congress will address “The Impact of the Lutheran Reformation on the World”. We will explore what the Reformation did to theology, education, worship, Biblical interpretation, church government, church structure, secular governments, medicine, publishing, Christianity in Europe, and much more!  There has never been a conference like the coming CONGRESS 2017!!! Look for registration information and updated conference information in the coming weeks.

A Blessed Advent and Christmas to You from the CLEF

The Confessional Lutheran Education Foundation 

December 2013

Dear CLEF supporters and friends!



Thank you for all your generous and faithful support this passing year of 2013.  Your support through your time, talents, prayers and treasures are THE DIFFERENCE!  Without you the work that The CLEF has to do will not happen.

Much has happened this year – many great and wonderful things in many of the major projects, as in the :

  • E-reader (Kindle) Project – now in more than a dozen countries;
  • The Ghana Seminary Student Project – completely funded for 2013 and now working on the next seminary class;
  •  The International Lutheran Hymnal Project – Spanish edition for more than a dozen church bodies is to be off the press by Easter 2014!
  •  A “shadow” web site (later will be merged with the old address but you can follow the development – check out )
  •  The Lutheran Church in the Philippines (LCP) – continuing educational support to Lutheran Seminary – Baguio & IMMEDIATE financial aid to help with the typhoon.
  • Two new Board of Director members – Mr. John Flakne (Confessional and big shot finance wiz) & Rev. Paul Strawn (multi-lingual, internationally recognized Confessional theologian)

And much more but that will be for another time, maybe closer to Easter 2014.  But you can now follow closer the work you support on the  site.

And while we rejoice in all the innumerable “good things” we see and know of we live in a very troubled world.

So, where do you go to flee the worries and pains of physical and mental sicknesses, international financial disasters, earthquakes, storms, wars, Christian persecutions, poverty, stupid bosses, laziness, communism, Mohamedism, wastefulness, earth worshippers and so on and so on?


I know a man who last year just four days before Christmas Day was told by his doctor that he had inoperable liver cancer and only a few months at best to live but not to let that ruin his Christmas, “Miracles do happen,” the doctor said.  A couple weeks before Easter Day of 2013 the doctor told him and his wife, “No one can explain this, no one, but your last test shows that what was there is no longer there.  I too believe that God works miracles. Go home and resume your life.”

So I ask, “Where do you go to find comfort and strength when all around and even inside you seem to be out of all control?”  The answer?        (LSB 372 vss 1,2,4)

O Jesus Christ,
Thy manger is
My paradise at which my soul reclineth.
For there, O Lord,
Doth lie the Word
Made flesh for us;
herein Thy grace forth shineth.

He whom the sea
And wind obey
Doth come to serve the sinner in great meekness.
Thou, God’s own Son,
With us art one,
Dost join us and our children in our weakness.

Thou Christian heart,
Woe e’er thou art,
Be of good cheer and let no sorrow move thee!
For God’s own Child,
In mercy mild,
Joins thee to Him;
how greatly God must love thee!

So there you have it – flee to the Baby in the manger.  And that awesome gift of His forgiveness is not just ours; it is for the whole World.  And your support of The CLEF and her work is just that:





The LORD bless you and keep you!

John R. Fehrmann



Dear CLEF partners in the Gospel,

Below is a short note from President Cerdenola – slightly edited for English and necessary content.

Please continue to help the LCP in their relief efforts. 100% of your designated gifts to this holy good work will go to the LCP.

On the 2nd of December 2013 the CLEF will be sending $5,000 to the LCP. Your faithful and generous gifts ARE THE DIFFERENCE – immediately!

A blessed Advent to one and all!


Dear BOTW John,


Sorry for this delay.

I am going to visit our brethren in the central part of the Philippines next week.

There are three congregations in the worst hit areas, one in Tacloban. The churches are significantly damaged with two whose roofs were ripped off. The church building and parsonage in Tacloban was flattened, totally destroyed. We have responded through relief efforts but I am looking to the second phase of assistance which is the rehabilitation, repair or re-construction of members homes – together with the three church buildings and two parsonages. There are over Lutheran 285 households that have been severely affected. THANK GOD no one was hurt and no casualty among the members.

How are you and how is your health? How is pastor Klemet (Preus)? Regards to your bride Carol.

My wife is doing well, but she has a monthly laboratory tests and daily she takes four pills for her maintenance. [His bride is dealing with breast cancer – and a big thank you to some very special people in the Minnesota North District who have helped with the medical costs]

All for now. God bless you, John.

Pastor James

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A Blessed Thanksgiving and Advent to All CLEF Supporters!

A newsletter/mailing is in progress as well as a completely newly constructed website – It will be (is) awesome and will keep you up to date without spending money on extra mailings (Not like we send out a lot of mail using your gifts! We be the best of all on that!).

Don’t forget to remember the CLEF in your generous giving at the end of this tax year! We need your help!

John (Fehrmann)