November/December 2011: Argentina and Uganda



The meal was great! The ILHP-S committee is well set for the coming months. Remember that Advent is here and that then there is Christmas and that each of the members volunteer their time and talents to the project while holding down full-time jobs as pastors and Seminary “President.” If The CLEF had a big group of funds, I would take a fellow with me for three weeks and hammer the final nails down in this project. But that is not the case – wishful thinking.

Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for us. I pray for you and yours.

Pray that CPH gets over its entrenched position relative to charging “missions” copyright fees. The CLEF is underwriting this hymnal. We are not selling it. We will never make a profit on it, nor will we ever try. This is all for the sake of the Gospel. Granting copyright permission on “Intellectual Property” held by CPH in this kind of case will not put CPH into the financial black nor will it plummet them into the red. But to charge the Confessional pastors and congregations of our sister church bodies and The CLEF thousands of dollars to use the LSB liturgies and some copy-righted hymns is ridiculous.

I don’t care what excuse they offer; we need to change this as a synod. Let us get CPH back on track to first and foremost serve the people of The LCMS. Make a profit – fine – but stop making it on the backs of the poorest of the poor Lutherans in foreign countries. You know that the top two blokes at CPH make more than $250 a day, plus benefits? That is the equal to 2.5 months of 60 hour work weeks for the regular worker in Uganda (our next stop). If a hymnal costs $10, that represents nearly three full days of pay, 30 hours of work. That would mean that the CPH executives think that the dynamic financial equivalent of $750 for ONE HYMNAL is just swell, and on top of that they add their copyright charges! Okay, we are not yet done cleaning house and turning this ship, The LCMS, around. Until then, we will need to suffer and pay their tax.

Time for the bed, but I’m starting the packing thing first.

DECEMBER 1, 2011 (Thursday)

Today I leave for Kampala, Uganda – East Central Africa. I stay here till 4:00pm and then head off in a private car to the airport, about 1 hour and 20 minutes away at that time of day – traffic. Maybe I have said this before – Buenos Aires has real highways, even some 16 lanes wide. But the traffic is still just horrible and being Thursday night, there are those leaving town for the ocean beaches and family stuff connected with Advent and Christmas.

I am first stopping in Atlanta, then Minneapolis. In Minneapolis I will meet my daughter, Faith, at the airport and head off to the Ramada parking lot to exchange luggage. I’m dropping off three and repacking and taking another. Actually, this saves some $500 – going back to MSP. BUT that means that I will have to be 30 hours in the air and suffer through another 10 hours of layovers. I should get to Entebbe, Uganda, at 10:30pm on Saturday. (From Minneapolis I go to Amsterdam, Netherlands and then to Kigali, Rwanda and then on to Entebbe, Uganda. From there it is about an hour ride to the city of Kampala.)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So, that is what happened – I left the Centro Kairos and went to the airport and then to the USA and then on to Europe and then to Africa. Looks like I have the Internet for the next few minutes – will send this and start anew. Sorry for not being able to get this out; sorry for not responding to all your e-mails. Re-send them or hold on till mid-December when I’m home again and I can start dealing with the last two months of back up.
Pray for us.
John (in Africa)