August 2011: Ghana


Seriously, “BIO/ORGANIC light” was the label on the freaky stuff offered by the nanny airline from Europe to spread on the bread. What ever happened to just good old butter? I am pushing ever closer to the age of retirement and I do not need the Dutch to determine that it is better to put unknown chemicals on my food. Something is run amuck!

So I don’t get you too lost, I was on a plane from Amsterdam to Accra (Ghana). I am now in Tema, Ghana – about 22 miles from the Accra airport. I am staying at the Scandinavian Lodge . . . . nothing resembling Scandinavia at all.

The CLEF is here doing a couple of things in Ghana this month of August.

We are working on the final construct of one of the six different hymnals we are producing for the Evangelical Lutheran Church – Ghana (ELCG). That will also include spending time with printing companies getting initial bids and selecting inks and papers and such. We will work with them on design and layout.

We are also funding a course at the seminary being taught by Rev. Andrada of Wisconsin. He is teaching the students how to teach Luther’s Small Catechism (LSC). This is important because each of the hymnal editions will contain the LSC. The CLEF will translate the LSC into all the language editions into which the LSC has not been translated or recently edited.

Also attending the course are some of the local ELCG pastors – this is considered a part of the church’s continuing education program for pastors.

And The CLEF is also attending to the building of a new mission church house building in a part of the greater Tema area which does not have any Lutheran presence – a project endorsed by the ELCG through Dr. Paul Fynn, the ELCG President. This building project is separately funded through The CLEF by donors wanting to provide a new building in a new area in a new language – giving The CLEF yet another language to begin translation work – LSC, Hymnal, International Lutheran Sermon Project and the like. The CLEF thanks them!

When I leave here on or about the 21st I will be followed by Dr. Karl Fabrizius from Wisconsin; he will teach a two week course at the seminary. This is the 4th year in a row he will have come to Ghana to teach. We all thank him and his congregation for their awesome commitment these past four years. (I expect him to keep it up.)
The CLEF has been honored to assist two other groups of congregations in the USA in their desire to assist the ELCG and her pastors and people. The CLEF serves to make sure through her awesome contacts and Ghana coordinators that funds contributed (by congregations in and around Milwaukee, Wi) to assist in the purchase of wine for the Sacrament (very expensive and not affordable for most of the congregations served by the 60 some pastors). As long as I am here I will invest a hour or so and make sure the project is on task.

And finally, a group of congregations and individuals in and around the Fort Wayne, IN, area adopted the entire seminary student body out on vicarage this past year and gave each one of them (through The CLEF and her “staff in Ghana” at the ELCG head offices) a cash gift to help them while on vicarage. Here vicars (and most pastors) get no financial support from the congregation. This small gift – small in what is our USA context – made the world of difference here in Ghana for these men. THANK YOU. And yes, The CLEF is all about EDUCATION – and being able to assist in the support of CONFESSIONAL LUTHERAN SEMINARY STUDENTS IN GHANA FITS IT PERFECTLY! Best of all? I get to meet and come to know these men. I stopped in their dorm rooms yesterday. I am too ashamed to take a picture – it is just wrong. Wrong in that the membership of the ELCG do not support the church sufficiently to end these living conditions and wrong in that our LCMS through the former Synod President (Jerry) and his non-Lutheran ABLAZE program promised the ELCG $500,000 USD – from ABURNING – to build a new facility for the seminary. According to my good friends here he even advertised that this was a part of his plan and went about raising money for Ablaze – blabbing about the Ghana commitment. Based on that the ELCG purchased land and started building. Fact is only about $200,000 of that has been delivered and so the building sits 60% unfinished. Thank you Jerry! Yes I know how to spell his name.

And, one more note on the why bit. There is a group of pastors and congregations who are standing by waiting to join in The CLEF overseas opportunities. So, I will be meeting with the Presidents of the ELCG and the seminary to discuss the expanding support role of The CLEF in Ghana and next door in Togo.

So – that in the most part is why The CLEF is here in Ghana this time. And no, I don’t go to every place where The CLEF is assisting in teaching at seminaries courses which support out translation work and the introduction of the products.

(And a big thank you to that congregation in northern IL – you know who you are – for you awesome gift to start an endowment fund here in the ELCG.)

So, now what has happened since I was assaulted by the Netherlands bread spread police:

08 AUGUST 2011 (Mon)

I met Ted Andrada in Amsterdam – he flew in from Detroit and I from Minnehopeless. We had a snack in the Crown Lounge (a.k.a. – SkyClub in the USA) – got to the plane – boarded almost immediately and had a nice smooooooth flight to Ghana – basically straight south from Amsterdam. We arrived on time, got our “stuff” (I had about 90 lbs of books in two cases), stuffed ourselves into a small car and headed off to Tema, that Scandinavian place. Rev. Gordon Kumi (thousands of you have met him – last year he finished his Masters at Concordia Theological Seminary, now Presidented by Dr. L Rast – and he spent a month at our home in MN before that) left us, promising to return in the a.m. – he did – about 10.30. I used the last portion of my RAID bug, roach, ant, flea, lice and such killer, I was able to roust out a small roach by the toilet.

Having satisfied my killing needs for the day I went to bed.

09 AUGUST 2011 (Tue)

Showing up at 10.30 gave us time to sleep, eat an egg and a slice of plain bread, drink a cup or two of instant coffee (ok – that is not really coffee).

Last year about this time Revs. Billy Bob Brege and Daniel Preus, Uncle Eddie, and I were here all at the same time in the same place. Feel free to go back and read those notes – you will remember how Brege got up early each day (after the first week of horrible breakfasts) and sought to teach by actually cooking in the “chicken” – also known as: “kitchen” – simple breakfast foods. Bill – YOU FAILED!

I think it was fresh bread and I think the eggs were not fertilized and had it not been for the StarBucks instant sent by Arta it would have been a horrible start to two weeks.

It took almost two hours – traffic – to get the 25 miles to the ELCG offices where I am scheduled to have an appointment with President Dr. Fynn at 12.30p to discuss The CLEF projects in Ghana and other parts of West Africa and also just to visit – I consider him to be a very good friend (I have been coming here to Ghana since the 1999s).

I had an awesome time with the President. Not only is he head-over-heels with the new project The CLEF is developing (to be up and running by late October 2011 – in the works now for some three years) but I had a great time talking to a theologian who loves his church, country and CONFESSIONAL LUTHERANISM.

There is an ordination this coming Sunday at St. Paul’s in Accra; President Fynn is the senior pastor there. Ted and I have been invited to attend and we will. And in that many of the pastors of the ELCG will attend they are having an conference of those blokes on Friday and Saturday. Dr. Fynn is going to present the newest The CLEF project to the whole lot of them and I won’t even be there! AWESOME! Thank you to all of you who support TheCLEF!


So after leaving the good President we headed off to Promprom to evaluate the needs of the project for the coming 10 days. We stopped at “Southern Fried Chicken” – a fast food establishment started and owned by the good President. Ted had two pieces of fried chicken and fried plantains. I had a vegetable spring roll, a goat meat kabob and fried plantains. Nummy. The spring roll was OK – the goat – well it was goat – something that does not melt in you mouth and certainly something you don’t use a bio/organic light knife to cut – which is what makes it good for what it is – goat. The plantains? Harriet, Gordon’s wife does them much better. But I got the beginning of my Ghana food fix – goat and fried plantains – hence – “Nummy”.

Traffic was so bad we cancelled to trip to Promprom and went straight to
NOTE: Billy, Danny, Eddie – only Lordina is left on the staff.

Teddy and I sat up on the porch, had an after dinner beverage, waited for Gordon to come back after running about for us for stuff. He joined us, we talked, laughed and plotted the coming days.

Tomorrow Teddy is off to teach, being picked up by Gordon at 8a. So, Teddy is to awaken me so I can have a “coffee” with him before he leaves. I am then to head off with Harriet and son to the Mission House site.

Good night. The END.

10 AUGUST 2011 (Wed)

I woke up a mere 4 minutes before the assigned knocking by Teddy. I just dragged my self to the eating room planning to clean up after Teddy left. “Food” soon arrived. I said to myself – “Self,” I said, (that is what I call myself when I talk to myself) “seriously – yesterday was it their being caught off guard even though this place has known of our coming for a month.” But BILLY BOB – YOU SERIOUSLY FAILED!

I MEAN FAILED . . . well I did get a jam today – not bad – BUT ALSO SOME BIO/ORGANIC CHEMICAL C _ _ P. Yes – bio junk passed of as bread spread. And then some soft cheese from FRANCE. Save me Oh Lord from anything French, I pray! BUT it is not over. Ted noticed that the sugar was labeled “St. Louis” and had a lion on it and YES – SUGAR CUBES FROM ……….. FRANCE – HELP! Butt Bill – apparently your teaching skills are or were NOT or else something really went awry as we also were given a bottle of Thousand Island Dressing at a breakfast of slices of untanned bread and oil swimming eggs – what for? My untoasted bread? My Laughing Cow French cheese? My two fried eggs swimming, no, make that drowning in corn oil? I know! “Self – put it in the instant coffee with your canned condensed milk!”

BUT – Lordina is so kind and gracious and helpful and hard working in every way – she just ought not be forced to cook. I might have to take over some cooking. Brege where are you when needed?

So, this is long enough and I will continue this day (10 Aug 11) on the next email.

Today’s rough schedule and work load will be reported on tomorrow.

Have a nice night / day!

To you : John or Fehrmann or such.
(To the rest of the World: The Bishop of the World.)

11 AUGUST 2011 (Wed)
Yesterday’s notes ended with: “So, this is long enough and I will continue this day (10 Aug 11) on the next email. Today’s rough schedule and work load will be reported on tomorrow.”

So now I’ll let you know about just how difficult and stressful my day was yesterday.

It started with the “breakfast” Remember that? After that I was picked up by Harriet and son and he drove us out to Promprom – the Mission House work site. We stopped to get gas and while there Harriet walked into the shop and purchased me a Coke Light! I was so humbled by her thoughtfulness that I almost broke down in tears – very stressful!

Continuing the drive (about 50 minutes more) I was forced to sit in the front seat – very comfortable but emotionally stressful! While driving I must have seen a 100 or more white manikins out on the streets hawking clothes – I know that I have seen most of them in previous years in the USA – like in Target, K-mart, Wal Mart. Most white manikins retire in Africa after working in the USA. The looks on their faces, enduring the dust and pollution of every sort, their eyes glazed and staring in to the humanity. I again, almost broke into tears. I explained this to my car company and they were able to feel my pain.

And, if that was not rough, well, consider this – Gordon’s oldest son (driving) loves Comedy Central and especially “Akmahd the Terrorist” – pronounced:

AK and then the sound of phlegm. We both had a most difficult time laughing and quoting AK(phlegm) – like “I will kill you!” My sides hurt after listening to a Ghana kid attempt to quote the Terrorist with an Arab accent – pain – feel it?

Finally we got to the site and measured up the next move and the contractor got our approval and directions. . . . That did not hurt me much.

We hung around and enjoyed the ocean winds wafting across the property (about a third-mile from the beach). Not being able to resist we answered the painful call of the waves and sand – we forced ourselves to go to the Golden Beach Resort. Once there we felt obligated to sit under a beach umbrella at a table set for four. Then we ordered a really big beer – each – Castle Milk Stout. I was devastated knowing that none of you were able to enjoy the moment with me – yes, that really was rough!

About an hour later we felt the need to order some “snacks” – fried chick and fries. There was this nice little girl doggy that came to visit and I was torn to the quick – we only had the leftovers from our chicken to give her – even now I hurt thinking, knowing that she won’t get any food from us today. And the girl who was our server is named Isabella – did that bring on a rush of sorrow – I immediately was reminded that I am a great distance away from my granddaughter who is named Isabella.

It gets worse! We sat for a total of three hours watching the ocean’s endless waves crashing themselves against the sandy shore. Time became meaningless against the cooling ocean winds, sights and sounds. Soon fishermen who fish out in the deep in canoes that are no longer than 10 feet and 20 inches wide at the widest, began to make their way into home, riding the waves, and then finally making landing with their catch and craft. Some kids came and helped them get their boats well up on shore – away from the high-tide mark. And then we actually walked over to them (being outgoing is hard for me – most of the time) and Harriet bought about $10 (USD) of fresh fish! I am pained knowing that she would soon be putting a knife to them and ending any chance of their escaping to live and swim in the Bight of Benin another day – sad – right? Mackerel, Red Fish and Sea Bass all doomed to die – and I’m a part of that.

The day finally ended as I was returned to the Lodge where I was able to get on the Internet for a while. About an hour I was interrupted by Gordon and Teddy and then an hour later it was off to an Asian eatery – and NO I did NOT order RICE!

I went to bed at midnight —- man, that was a rough and stressful day! I have not had one like that in years. I can’t talk about it any more.

But on another note – please do pray daily for the ELCG and The CLEF.

Good Day!
To you: John or Fehrmann or such.
(To the rest of the World: The Bishop of the World)


14 AUGUST 2011 (SUN)
The orders of the day began at 7a with a knock on the door by CLEF Proby Teddy. For breakfast we each were given two pieces of untoasted square bread slices approximately an inch thick – each. Alongside our two slices of bleached carbs came four cooked chicken hotdogs – each. I don’t ever remember any day in my life when I have eaten four hotdogs of any meat variety in a whole day save at one meal, for breakfast, lunch of supper.

I wrapped four of them up and put them in the fridge which still only freezes all things. I’ll hand them off, frozen, to Harriet Monday when we return from the site.

I am to be picked up at 9 am for the trip to Accra to attend an ordination service for a man who just graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. The service is scheduled to start at 10 am. I guessing it will take at least three hours. So had a few minutes and thought I’d get started on the notes.

Teddy is preaching at Trinity, Tema today and I was told that insofar as the service would be severely abbreviated that I was to remain at the Lodge till it was over at which time they would send a car to get me. It is now after 10 so I’m shutting down and will continue this later tonight or tomorrow.

AWAY TIME ………………….

We are now back in the lodge. It is about 5.30 pm.

The service started at 10.35 am and ended at 1.40 pm – 3 hours and 5 minutes.

So here is how it went – best guess – time wise:

15 min. Processional hymn (sang twice with interlude just to get the choirs and the 60 some clergy and such in to the pews) and procession
Opening hymn
Introit – a hymn
10 min Children’s choir – they were awesome and they sang like Lutherans!
They sang more than one piece.
15 min First two lessons and Adult choir
10 min Gospel lesson and stuff
Another hymn somewhere
10 min Introducing the man to be ordained
30 min Reading and commenting on the Office of the Ministry and Vows of Ordination
10 min The ordination proclamations and comments
05 min Ordination prayers
A sermon hymn
30 min Sermon
20 min Laying on of hands
15 min Offering
05 min Prayers and Benediction
Closing hymn
11 min Announcements
Recessional hymn
(If you add the above numbers you have real issues)
And YES – I paid attention to the service, not just the clock above the altar (seriously) – I just roughly timed things cause I knew you might want to know – see how I think of you?

Following the service folks hung around for more than an hour visiting and meeting new folk.

Gordon, Harriet, Teddy and I were invited to a late lunch at the Fiesta Hotel in downtown Accra by Dr. Fynn and his bride. So we joined them for a wonderful buffet (OK Hank – you don’t eat at buffets – but this was pretty good food and not overwhelming in the selection set of issues).

Following the eats we headed to the lodge and upon arrival took an hour-and-a-half to unwind and change and nap and then Teddy and I meet on the porch and commenced the evening ritual – we were joined by Harriet and Gordon at 7.30 p.

They left an hour or so ago – now I am in the room.

There are many observations I made today – like I usually do at events like this. I study the outsiders first cause they are here the shortest – that would be the white folk. I will not put my thoughts in these emails – they will end up in notes folks can read after both my wife and I are dead. But – trust me on this one – I learned more than they know and I played the simpleton and humorist. What I learned is both comforting in regards to The CLEF and Confessional organizations continued significant participation and influence (actually we have increased in that regard given the “options”) but I have been able to make some sharp lines drawn in understanding the MO of the opposition to Confessional Lutheranism – they did reveal their hand – I now know another one of their intended courses of action to eliminate Confessional Lutheranism. Now I know the enemy better – I see one of their strategies and I think we Confessional types can stop it – or expose it and therein diminish it.

Next time I am at your joint doing a “CLEF Mission Festival, ” ask me about the white folk from the St. Louis area who determined it was proper to dance during the worship service. “When I was a child I acted like a child, but now that I am an adult white person in the chancel I will act like a child cause I want you the child not to learn that there is such a thing as childish behavior and to STOP being childish and instead therefore be – what – Lutheran?”

BOTTOM LINE – the LCMS exports and funds through some of its folk – congregations – bad practice, false doctrine and hellish behavior.
Ouch – there I went again being honest.
And, I defend to the end the President of this body – he is dealing with issues none of us in the USA have a real clue about. Yes there are issues here but I believe he is continued to be determined to set things right.

Pray for Ghana and The CLEF – this is NOT a SUGGESTION NOR is it an OPTION.

Yes, The CLEF needs major groups of monies – (we agreed to two more languages to the projects at their request – HELP) (Hartness will go nuts – I am already behind!) but if you don’t care even enough to pray for The CLEF and where you send us to support others like this body – your brothers and sisters in the faith – then we ought close the doors and commend them all to some God.

Sorry if this sounds like a “sermon” or a “pious devotion”, such is not the intent. But, seriously, and I know the words many of you say are truly from the Lutheran heart – when you say: “I am so thankful you do this”. I know you are. I do. But I am here seeing the need. I know what we in the USA can actually do – here. I also know what needs to be done there – seriously, I am 60 years old – the needs there have not escaped my attention.

I am focused other than where I live – duh – it is my “job”. I wish I could have each one of you come with me – anywhere – but I can’t. I wish I could have each of you truly see and understand what your support means in each place that The CLEF works for you – but I can’t.. I wish I could move the world so folks like Anthony and Bell and Goetz could leave the USA tomorrow and support the stuff The CLEF needs done – but I can’t. WHY? It is called money.

So, I be needing to go to bed.

But, there are some of you who truly love me and read these things to the end. So here is the answer to the questions concerning these notes this time with no pictures. Here I am using a dial-up modem that looks like a memory stick on which I load minutes with a phone company. The cost access the internet is determined by the gigs up and down loaded on the dial-up – a picture takes huge amount of gigs. Currently I have some 600g – one picture can take that much and that would be about $24 USD for one picture.

So, goodnight from here.

The LORD be with you all.

More tomorrow.


18 AUGUST 2011 (THU)

Good day!

Am at the site – Teddy at the sem. I’m on the computer doing sermon and hymnal stuff, he is teaching about the Triune God.

Still waiting for the crews to show up – it is now past the noon hour.

So, I’m waiting – doing hymnal stuff and trying to set a schedule for the coming Ghana seminary school year for The CLEF – this being worked on by the seminary president and the assistant to the ELCG president. There are another five pastors and congregations supportive of The CLEF who are each ready to come here and teach for two weeks to a month, support the continuing pastoral and seminary education program of The CLEF. They will be teaching subjects that are a part of the seminary curriculum that focus on the areas of The CLEF’s translation projects.

The first of our next five is arriving the 27th of this month of August – Dr. Karl Fabrizius of Our Father’s, Greenfield, WI. This will be his 4th stint here at the seminary. The next three are the ones we are still working on getting settled in on. The last will be Rev. Billy Bob Brege of Bethlehem, Ossian, IN. He is scheduled to be here at the very end of the school year to teach. That will be his second stint.

Our CLEF International teaching “staff” is growing – that really helps me (more importantly The CLEF) as I no longer need to try and cover all these teaching settings and courses supportive of our educational and translation projects. This year we have four new clergy joining the five already supporting our education / teaching needs. That in addition to the four or five lay folk doing support work! And they all come with funding for the projects they are covering! That is an awesome gift form GOD!

And, the fact is that while it takes what seems forever to get some things done in Africa, being here does help in the end get things done faster. And yes, I still hate the travel part of my duties.

So today, late out there, early back, hymnal stuff – not what I had planned but more than what I would have accomplished at the home office in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Gordon and Teddy brought me two Southern Fried Chicken sausage kebabs – oh my – talk about yummy! That was my “supper” – along with a Castle Milk Stout to wash it down.

I was up till after the 1am hour listening to hymns on the Internet and sorting through the selected ones for the first of the Ghana hymnals. You can access all the hymns from the last three major LCMS hymnal things on the Internet for free – music and text so I got caught up in the listening to of hymns and the likes there of off If you have not tried it do – it is worth at least two hours of real good Lutheran music and some theology. It serves TheCLEF as a place to begin with hymn selection relative to music concerns. You only get the basic melody line with the Amen – that is all I need and want.

Certainly hymns can be sung to different tunes – hence the special little group of numbers on each hymn in the hymnal – any one of them. If the selection committee is not overjoyed with a particular tune we can change it in seconds as long as the Internet server does not take a nap like it will likely do tomorrow when I show the sem students and visiting pastors and other what we are doing and show as well the resources they have right now.

Such is the minute in the life of The CLEF – here for you, on your behalf, being the difference – cause like – you are the difference.

PS: Teddy is doing a wonderful job – the students even like him. Go figure!

So good day – I’m off to the “LATEX FOAM – YOUR CLOSEST FRIEND FOR LIFE” according to the countless billboards (duh! hello? that is like a foam latex mattress and no, never will be that so-called friend for life – they “store” too many human bodily fluids – get it? got it? friend for life? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).


The LORD be with you.
Me – John

19 AUGUST 2011 – (FRI)

CLEF spent the morning at the seminary on the computer – sorting hymns and for a few minutes addressing the class talking about the various active projects TheCLEF has going in Ghana / West Africa.

From there we went to various mainline denomination book stores to secure their hymnals in various languages. We did the Methodist, Anglican and Roman one in downtown Accra. As far a making things userfriendly – only the Catholics got it right – they actually had customer parking!

OK – so like right across the “street” from the Catholic book store is this shack-kiosk, looks like c _ _ _ . But above the door is painted : “allah is graet”. Forget the fact that they can’t spell in English – can you imagine if a Lutheran were to paint a sign right across from, let’s say, the Islamic Institute – the Mohamed indoctrination center just north of downtown Minneapolis off of Interstate 94W – paint a sign that said – “JESUS IS GOD”? What would happen?

Why are Mohamedan worshipers so brazen and Christians so timid?

We stopped at Southern Fried Chicken – I had two kebabs (or is that kabobs? My spell check does not know and therefore I do not know) – one sausage and one goat. I chewed the goat pieces for about an hour. I think the goat will be in me till I get to Holland on Monday. We had this text on separating like sheep and goats. After eating goat I understand that there really is a difference between “regular” sheep and goat – eating them that is. My advice is : go for the sheep.

Friday night? Nothing – sat – talked – chilled – Teddy was done teaching, he was tired.

Good night!

20 AUGUST 2011 – (SAT)

Up and at it “early”. Teddy and I are placing bets now at “breakfast” on what we will be given to eat and at what time we will be picked up in this the “land of the approximate and the consistently inconsistent which is the constant”. Usually we both fail to win.

We are to be out and to the new seminary property / building to have a look and see – for me again, for Teddy the first. This will we depressing.

The ride was one hour and twenty five minutes from Tema to the seminary property and the sight of the building was depressing. The building has been ravaged – anything possible has been stolen – conduit, wires, electrical boxes, you name it – thousands of dollars lost cause the building and site was basically abandoned for lack of funds for a building “too big” to meet the immediate needs.

From there we went to the mission congregation site – no one working – SURPRISE! Not.

Our time target was to be back in Tema via Prampram a 1 or maybe the latest 2 pm for lunch – Red Red – yum! Well that was missed by 24 minutes! We ate and then went back to the lodge to relax an prepare for Sunday services.

I preach at Tema tomorrow – Teddy is at St. Paul’s in Kanda (Accra).

Today on morning “TV” there were no cartoons – not even the modern stupid ones. Instead there were seven stations airing power, glory, wonders, miracles, healing and prayer events! So I will no longer complain about all the pseudo cartoon programming on Saturday am TV in the USA – it could be worse – it could be pentecostal, reformed, pietistic, Gospel denying, screaming and frothing “apostles, bishops, evangelists, ministers, healers, miracle workers, prophets” and other such title grabbing ilk – selling religion.

21 AUGUST 2011 – (SUN)

We were both to be picked up at 8.30. Me for the 9 am service in Tema and Teddy for the 10 am service in Kanda. 8.47 was the actual time. My service started at 9.08 am – pretty close to on time! It lasted for 2 hours and 58 minutes!

Trinity, Tema has done some fixing of the chancel since I was there last. They put in a step “down” from the altar level in the middle of the communion rail. I did not see that as I was distributing the wine during communion. I lost most of the tray catching my self from a complete fall! I recovered like a pro.

Lunch was Fufu – the stuff one gets from pounding the casaba root for 40 minutes. It is much like Banku – Banku is from corn but the result is the same. Some rice stuff was also served – boiled rice that is then mashed like one mashes potatoes. Don’t try that at home! Leave it to the pros in Ghana.

The trip to the airport went fast – Sunday afternoon traffic was light. Teddy and I flew through the check in process given my status with Delta. We relaxed in the lounge and boarded without any issues. Our flight to Amsterdam left a little late – after 10p.

22 AUGUST 2011 (MON)

Not much to write about – God willing it stays that way. We crossed from Sunday to Monday somewhere over Africa while in the airplane. I actually slept – a rare event for me on planes. I was given a drink about 30 minutes after take off and it was still sitting there when I awoke but a mere 40 minutes from landing – nice!

Teddy and I spent the next hours in the KLM Crown Lounge – nice – I fell asleep again in the chair. I tried to get on an earlier flight to The Cities but all flights are full including the one I am on, in fact the lady tells me it is over sold – bummer – not likely to be bumped to first class.

So, unless something unusual occurs this is the end of the notes for this trip for all yall’s.

Continue to pray for TheCLEF and all the projects you are a part of for without you there is no CLEF – you are THE difference.

Thank you.

I was moved to Business Class for my trip from Holland to the USA. Slept – again!
We are both back – safe. Much was accomplished – much more still to do. Thank you all for your regular and constant prayers and financial support.

The LORD be with you.