December 2010: Uganda (Pt. 2)

Greetings from Kampala, Uganda (Africa) – 2

05 DECEMBER 10 – Sunday

Jake picked us up – I don’t remember the exact time. The service is two hours plus away so I’m guessing we climbed into the Toyota SUV between 8 and 8.30 am. There was no Glenn so we all, Daniel, Jake, his wife, two daughters, Peter from Sudan, and me all piled in. Even though I was given the front dummy seat – by the time we arrived at the church my bad hip was letting me know just how unhappy it was.

Jake had on Saturday morning (Daniel and I rode along in hope of stopping to get a few items for the hotel stay – fruit etc) just got his SUV back from the mechanic – had some transmission issues. So Jake was testing the vehicle – at one time going more than 150 KLH – about 95 miles per hour. That is why I have a dozen angels assigned to my earthly care.

The Service of Ordination was originally apparently scheduled at 9.30 am, changed to 11 am by “word of mouth” but started at high noon and ended at 3 pm followed by a “program” and then food.
So, the Divine Service was out of Lutheran Worship, the Ordinations and Commissionings were from The Lutheran Agenda – in all a Confessional “Lutheran” event. Four were ordained, six vicars were commissioned and assigned, and twelve were commissioned as lay evangelists. Daniel was the preacher and the ordainer.

The church building was recently put up (it is not finished) with funding and help from an LCMS congregation in Alabama. The front steps were finished on Friday – less than two days ago.

(Below) The chancel is the left end and the entrance is on the far right.
Uganda 2010 pt 2 #1

(Below) These four kids were waiting outside the church building before the service.
Uganda 2010 pt 2 #2

Uganda 2010 pt 2 #3

I was delighted to see that the pots (above) were already filled with food, cooking, and therefore I assumed that the pots would not be used to cook a missionary! These ladies from the congregation (like a catering committee) were hard at it – it was hot – right out in the church kitchen in the sun. They were cooking about 30 yards out back of the church building in the middle of a corn field. All were “glowing” – that is what you call it when a lady perspires. At this time they were cooking plantains – the green banana thing you cook – turning the plantains into something called, “matooke”. This stuff has no other similar starch food that I can compare it to that I know of – it has very little flavor. Let’s try thinking of taking a pumpkin or squash (or a green banana) removing all flavor – then boiling it down to a half dry putty. At that point it serves no other purpose than to be a “food” used to deliver the anointing sauce – ground up peanut soup rendered to a thick paste. Makes you want to move to Uganda just to join the ladies guild and cook then eat matooke!

(Below) – those ladies from the congregations not cooking in / with the missionary pots were getting the meat ready. Notice the stainless steel cutting tables and the sanitary gloves. It is not always a good thing to see the preparation of the food you are soon to be given and expected to eat.
Uganda 2010 pt 2 #4

(Below) The four ordinands. Now the church body will have nine ordained pastors!
Uganda 2010 pt 2 #5

Uganda 2010 pt 2 # 6
(Above) Rev. Daniel Preus, Luther Academy President and Fourth Vice-President of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod ordained the candidates. Here you can see the four of them and Rev. Preus.

Uganda 2010 pt 2 # 7
(Above) I just could not help myself so I did it – I took a picture of the picture takers taking my picture – after the service standing on the front steps of the church building.

Uganda 2010 pt 2 # 8
(Above) The ordination cake was hacked up into crumbs. Then the four newly ordained pastors walked through the crowds offering the gathered the opportunity to take a crumb. So I wish I had taken a picture of the cake before it was slaughtered. Rumor has it that the cake cutter is willing to serve your next cake event – but if you just take your next cake and drop it on the floor and walk through it for a couple of minutes you really won’t need her.
Just a few ending notes for the day snuck in here to save space.

The day was joyous, yes, for: the ordained and commissioned, the Lutheran Church Mission Uganda, Africa and Lutheranism worldwide. But this was a great day for me – I got to see four men ordained into the Holy Ministry and a foundational part of that was what I was able to be a part of in helping with the production of the catechism. Now I’m with The CLEF – we have the same duty today and tomorrow.

(Below) And you thought that the church choir was only invented to sing. NOT! Now you can add “dishing up food in the food line” in their robes.
Uganda 2010 pt 2 # 9

(Below) What the choir got away with putting on my plate – the stuff cooked by the dripping ladies in the corn field. Matooke – the yellow like stuff at the bottom side of the picture on the plate, rice, meat with broth, and peanut sauce / soup.
Uganda 2010 pt 2 # 10

Glen arrived at the hotel about 5 pm – without luggage! He had been put on a flight to Cairo, Egypt out of Amsterdam and then on a flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and then from there to Entebbe. He took a taxi from the airport to the Olympia Hotel. I’ve tracked one of his bags to Ethiopia and one to Kenya. The baggage folks I’ve been with on the phone with are less useful than the spring tick. And, the Delta lady was even more useless.

We returned about 8 pm – woke Glenn up, walked 50 years to a cold beer, ate some fried goat and fish (tilapia) fingers and returned to the room so Glenn could hit the foam rubber.

There you have it: why the CLEF is here and what has happened on the way to and from the Service of Ordination.

Thank you for your continued and regular support, spiritual, physical and financial. Without your generous gifts of time, talents and treasure we (you and The CLEF) would not be here. YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE. Thank you.

Please continue to pray for us and the Lutheran Churches here in Uganda, her pastors and members.

This is not about me or you it is “ALL FOR THE SAKE OF THE GOSPEL”.

John Fehrmann