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December 2010: Uganda (Pt. 2)

Greetings from Kampala, Uganda (Africa) – 2

05 DECEMBER 10 – Sunday

Jake picked us up – I don’t remember the exact time. The service is two hours plus away so I’m guessing we climbed into the Toyota SUV between 8 and 8.30 am. There was no Glenn so we all, Daniel, Jake, his wife, two daughters, Peter from Sudan, and me all piled in. Even though I was given the front dummy seat – by the time we arrived at the church my bad hip was letting me know just how unhappy it was. Continue reading

December 2010: Uganda (Pt. 1)

Greetings from Kampala, Uganda (Africa) – 1

02 – 03 December 10
It was only a few days before Thanksgiving (USA) that The CLEF returned from a very fruitful stint in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And now a few days after the Thanksgiving weekend The CLEF is off to Kampala, Uganda (East Africa). The CLEF went to Uganda last December (2009) at the invitation of The Luther Academy and through them some of the Ugandan students at the seminary in Pretoria, South Africa. Some years earlier I had travelled to Kampala Continue reading